ZERO Plant Powered Vape - No Nicotine Disposable Vape

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✨ Introducing ZERO - a groundbreaking innovation in vaping, featuring zero nicotine and rooted in nature. As the first plant-based disposable vape, ZERO is designed for the health-conscious vaper who doesn't want to compromise on flavor or enjoyment.

👀 An impressive 2000 puff capacity, each draw unveils a burst of pure, clean flavor that truly respects nature's bounty. Experience the freedom of nicotine-free vaping, with ZERO. Vaping just got greener, cleaner and more sustainable. Embrace the plant power with ZERO.


👾 5.4mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid

👌 0% (0mg) Nicotine Strength

🔋 850mAh Battery

💨 Approximately 2000 Puffs

🪼 Flavored Air to Curb Addictions


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Explore the ZERO Plant Powered Zero Nicotine 2000 Puff Disposable Vape for a Healthier Vaping Experience - Discover Non Rechargeable Plant-Powered Puffs

Welcome to the revolutionary world of vaping transformed by ZERO - an innovative, nicotine-free vape harnessing the essence of nature and a zero nicotine experience. Crafted with an innovative plant-powered formula, ZERO specifically caters to the mindful vaper seeking a healthier, purer vaping experience without compromising on taste or satisfaction.

Nature-Powered Excellence - Plant-Powered Puffs

Delve into the realm of this plant-based marvel, offering an impressive 2000 puff capacity, each one delivering an exceptional burst of flavor that celebrates the natural world all while providing zero nicotine. Beyond being just a disposable device, ZERO, which is not rechargeable, embodies a fresh ideology in the vaping world that prioritizes a harmony between well-being and pleasure.

A Breath of Freshness - Reach New Heights & the Clouds of Scent with the 2000 Puff Plant-Powered 0 Nic Vape

A puff from ZERO delivers a sensation akin to inhaling fresh air, serving up pure, vivid flavors expressly created to remain untainted by nicotine in the plant-powered formula. Each inhalation pays homage to the strength of plants, providing an aromatherapy experience that's not just gratifying but also guilt-free. That is the beauty of the limited edition plant-powered, zero nicotine 2000 vapes!

Enter the Sustainable Future of Vaping - Bundles Available

ZERO beckons you into a new era of sustainable nic vaping. As other disposable devices reach their end, our non rechargeable ZERO marks a new beginning, promising an experience rich in flavor, devoid of nicotine and environmentally caring. Begin your journey towards greener, cleaner vaping practices with ZERO and embrace the empowering force of plant-based zero nic vaping.

Unlock the Power of Plant Essence & Cloud Love

Revel in the magic of plant power with ZERO, a vaping experience that champions nature's gifts (plant powered puffs) if it wasn't obvious. Witness the ZERO difference as it redefines the boundaries of nicotine-free vaping with its plant-powered formula, delivering pure taste and a gratifyingly different experience. Don't prohibit yourself to nic, try the plant-powered puffs plant based nicotine free disposable vapes today!

Plant Powered Zero Nicotine Free Vapes Features:

  • 5.4mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid in the non rechargeable device
  • 0% (0mg) Nicotine Strength - That's the power of ZERO nicotine 2000!
  • 850mAh non rechargeable Battery
  • Approximately Zero Nicotine 2000 Puffs
  • Plant-Powered Flavored Air to Curb Addictions
  • Single Disposable Vape

No Nicotine Vape Disposable Flavors Available:

Arctic Peach: Dive into a frosty wonderland with Arctic Peach. Experience the sweet, sun-kissed taste of peach, perfectly chilled for a refreshing kick. It's a fruit paradise aroma in every puff.

Heaven: Embark on a celestial journey with Heaven. It's an ethereal blend of flavors that will elevate your senses and have you walking on a cloud nine aroma!

Jolly Berries: Indulge in the joyous burst of Jolly Berries. A tantalizing mix of ripe, juicy berries that will have your taste buds dancing in delight.

Magic Mint: Be captivated by Magic Mint. The invigorating freshness of that mint scent, flawlessly blended for a flavor experience that's truly enchanting. It's a minty marvel incense in every puff.

White Gummy: Savor the irresistible charm of White Gummy. A tribute to the classic treat, with a flavor that's sweet, playful, and packed with a nostalgia aroma. It's a gummy bear party in your mouth! (This is our staff favorite - we have a diffuser in the office that emits this almost same exact aroma not that anyone cares 😔)

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