😭 My ID Verification Failed, Now What? πŸ₯Ή

Our ID checking game is a high-tech operation, a bit like your mod kit. It's a two-pronged attack: some good old automation, and a dash of human intervention. It's a solid plan, but just like when you're trying to nail that jellyfish vape trick, sometimes things don't quite go to plan.

Think your ID check flopped harder than a flat battery? Don't toss your vape in frustration. Get in touch with our super-fly support team instead. Give them the skinny and they'll help you straighten things out.

But hold on, before we can verify you're a bona fide vape artist, here's what we need:

  • A Valid ID (US Driver's License, State ID, or US Passport, not your gym membership card)
  • A headshot / selfie that matches the ID (no duck faces, please)

Now listen, when we say 'headshot', we mean something clearer than a smoke cloud at a vape competition. Upload a crisp, clear, 'I just won a cloud chase' quality pic. Those blurry mugshots, sneaky photocopies, or any photos that look like they've been snapped with a potato are a no-go.

So, keep it clear, keep it legit, and let's keep those clouds a-comin'. Happy vaping!

πŸ€” How Long is The Verification Process? πŸ™‡

Nexians! When you're setting up your shiny new account with us, there's going to be a bit of a "getting to know you" phase. That means whipping out some ID and letting us verify that you're not just some 12-year-old trying to look cool in front of your friends. This friendly meet-and-greet can take up to 3 business days - or as long as it takes to steep a nice vanilla custard e-juice.

Here's the deal: you only need to do this song and dance for your first order. Kind of like a rite of passage, but without the awkward ceremony. But don't try to pull a fast one on us. If you hop onto another account for your next order, we're going to have to do the whole verification tango all over again.

And if you're playing vape courier for a buddy, make sure you're ID verified and of legal age. Because nobody wants a surprise visit from the po-po.

Speaking of your pals, any plus ones on your order will need to be verified too - and that's for every purchase, not just the first time around. No ID, no vape. Simple as that.

So, play it safe, play it smart, and let's keep the clouds rolling.

🌎 I'm From X State, Can I Still Buy? πŸͺΌ

If you're lost in a cloud of confusion about the dos and don'ts of vaping and e-cigarette products in your neighborhood, it's time to put on your detective hat. Grab a magnifying glass, fire up that search engine, and dive into the rabbit hole of local laws and regulations.

Do a little legal legwork to make sure you're on the right side of the vaping law. And remember, just because you can blow a cloud bigger than a hot air balloon, doesn't mean it's always cool with the law.

In other words, do your homework, vapor enthusiasts. Find out what’s flying and what’s falling flat in your local legal arena when it comes to vaping. Because the only thing we want you blowing are epic vape rings, not a court appearance. Keep it legal, keep it fun, and most importantly, keep it cloudy!

πŸͺͺ Valid Forms of Identification πŸ†”

Alright, Nexians, time to talk ID. You know, that unflattering pic that verifies you're old enough to be cloud-chasing.

We're down with driver’s licenses, U.S. passports, and those snazzy non-driver state IDs. They’re the vape world's VIP backstage passes. Just make sure they're valid and haven't hit their expiry date. If they're past their prime, they're about as much use as a vape pen with a busted coil.

Now, on to the ID nopes. Here's the lineup of identification that just won't make the cut:

  • Photocopies of ID (because 'My dog ate the original' didn't work in school, either)
  • Military IDs (we salute your service, but we can't salute this ID)
  • Medical marijuana cards (it's a different kind of cloud we're talking about here, folks)
  • University IDs (your dorm room shenanigans stay in the dorm)
  • Temporary licenses (our e-juices are worth the wait for the real deal)
  • International passports from resident aliens (you might be a worldly vaper, but we need something a bit more local)
  • International driver’s licenses (sorry.)
  • Over the phone verification (nice try, but we can't see you over the phone)

So, remember, stick to the script when it comes to IDs, and you'll be blowing rings in no time! Happy vaping!