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💨 Rooted in Flavor: Born in Buffalo, New York - a hub for e-liquid creativity and culinary excellence - Primus Vape Co, since its inception in 2015, embodies a family-owned enterprise thriving on a passion for flavor. Our unique location infuses our brand with a zest for taste innovation, reflected in the distinctive blends we offer, such as "Banshee", "Grapple", and "Nobacco".

🧿 Quality and Craftsmanship: Driven by a mission to provide superior alternatives to cigarettes, our journey began with an exhaustive exploration of the finest ingredients to recreate beloved flavor combinations. After rigorous testing and fine-tuning, we've curated a diverse portfolio of e-liquids, offering everything from the sweet-tart notes of "Blackberry" to the otherworldly blend of "Pluto". Our commitment to quality ensures an unmatched vaping experience with every puff.


👾 Varied Nicotine Strengths: Primus Co. offers 0 MG, 3 MG, and 6 MG options to suit diverse preferences.

🗽 Buffalo, NY Origins: Founded in 2015, Primus Vape Co. thrives as a family-owned business in Buffalo, NY, a hotspot for renowned e-liquid brands.

🌈 Inspired Flavor Crafting: Primus Co. draws from Western New York's culinary culture to create unique e-liquid flavors using premium ingredients.

🦄 Quality-Driven Creation: Through meticulous research and experimentation, Primus Co. crafted a diverse e-liquid range, stemming from dissatisfaction with existing flavors and a move away from cigarettes.


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Primus Vape Co: Crafting Premium E-Liquids from Passion and Flavor Inspiration

A Flavorful Origin Story:

Born in Buffalo, New York in 2015, Primus Vape Co emerged as a family-owned venture, ignited by a deep passion for flavor that resonates within the rich culinary culture of Western New York. This vibrant locale, celebrated for its gourmet food offerings and renowned e-liquid brands, fuels the essence of Primus Vape Co's dedication to crafting exceptional vape juices.

Inspiration from Taste and Tradition:

Nestled amidst a landscape famed for its culinary prowess, Primus found its muse in the nexus of delectable flavors. Motivated by a shared aspiration to quit smoking and an unfulfilled quest for captivating e-liquid options, the journey began. Driven by a desire for uniqueness, our team embarked on an exploration, delving into the realm of premium ingredients, meticulously fusing together cherished flavor blends.

A Quest for Unmatched Quality:

Dedicated months of arduous testing and refining led to the birth of Primus Co's e-liquid line, an embodiment of authenticity, passion, and excellence. From Buffalo's vibrant streets to the vape community, our diverse range of premium vape juices boasts distinctive profiles derived from our devotion to quality and a relentless pursuit of the perfect vaping experience.

Crafting Unique Vaping Experiences:

Drawing inspiration from Buffalo's culinary legacy, Primus Vape Co's e-liquids stand as a testament to innovation and unwavering dedication. Each drop of our meticulously crafted e-liquid narrates a story of commitment, presenting vapers with an unparalleled journey through diverse, richly layered flavors that resonate with the essence of a true vaping indulgence.

Primus Vape Co. Flavors Available at Nexus Smoke

Cinnamon Crunch: Immerse yourself in the delightful experience of a morning breakfast favorite; savor the warm, sweet crunch of cinnamon-infused cereal.

Grandma's Secret: Discover the comforting, familiar taste of an old family recipe; a secret blend of warmth and sweetness passed down through generations.

Honey Viper: A smooth blend with a bite, indulge in the sweet, velvety allure of honey rounded off with a surprising twist.

Limearita: Beat the heat with this cool concoction; the tangy zing of lime in a festive, icy blend.

Nobacco: Step into a new era of vaping with a bold and robust flavor; all the richness of tobacco, without the tobacco.

Prickly Pear: Savor the exotic sweetness of the desert fruit, a delightful blend that evokes sunny afternoons and desert blooms.

Prickly Pear Ice: Relish the sweetness of prickly pear with a frosty twist; a unique blend to keep you cool under the desert sun.

Razzberry Rush: Let your taste buds get swept away in a surge of sweet-tart raspberry; a fruity adventure awaits.

Razzberry Rush Ice: Experience the thrill of Razzberry Rush with a cool, invigorating kick; it's a chill you'll want to relish.

Smackaroon: Indulge in the delectable blend of a sweet, chewy macaroon; it's a dessert you can savor all day.

Tropsicle: Escape to the tropics with this exotic fusion of tropical fruits in a refreshing icy blend; your personal tropical paradise in a vape.