ZoVoo DragBar B5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape 5000 Puffs - Vanilla Creme Tobacco

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👀 Advanced Performance: Equipped with a cutting-edge chipset for rapid firing and a 500mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring consistent, long-lasting vaping sessions.

🌈 Expansive Flavor Range: Offers a wide variety of flavors, from fruity to menthol and dessert, with multiple nicotine strength options for personalized vaping.

💪 Compact Yet Powerful: Despite its small size, it delivers big with a pre-filled 13ml e-liquid capacity, 50mg nicotine strength, and approximately 5000 puffs per device.

🔥 High-Quality Build: Features a sturdy mesh coil and a resistance range of 1.1Ω-1.3Ω, providing a seamless and flavorful vaping experience.


🥤 Prefilled E-liquid Capacity: 13ml 5% Nicotine (5000puffs)

🔋 500mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

📡 Cutting Edge Technology

💪 Resistance: 1.1 - 1.3Ω


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Embark on a sophisticated journey into the realm of vaping excellence with the ZoVoo 5000 Puffs Bar, an avant-garde disposable vape meticulously crafted to redefine the contours of your vaping escapades. Offering an expansive capacity of approximately 5000 puffs, this visionary device guarantees an enduring and gratifying exploration through a diverse array of robust flavors. It stands as the epitome of choice for enthusiasts seeking not only longevity but a steadfast reliability in their vaping sessions.

The ZoVoo 5000 Puffs Bar takes pride in its 5% salt nicotine concentration, delivering an impactful and satisfying hit with every draw. This heightened nicotine strength is tailored for the discerning palate of seasoned vapers, inviting them into a realm of robust and intense vaping experiences. The device's capacious 13ml capacity ensures a reservoir brimming with e-liquid, reducing the need for frequent refills and allowing uninterrupted indulgence in extended vaping odysseys.

Incorporating modern convenience seamlessly into your vaping routine, the ZoVoo 5000 Puffs Bar features a USB Type-C port. This cutting-edge technology ensures swift and efficient charging, minimizing downtime and ensuring you stay powered up for prolonged sessions. The 500mAh battery further reinforces the device's reliability, offering substantial energy to support extended moments of vaping delight.

Traverse the enchanting landscape of disposable vapes with the ZoVoo 5000 Puffs Bar, a beacon not only of innovation but a holistic solution for vapers in pursuit of an unparalleled experience. With its remarkable puff capacity, heightened salt nicotine concentration, substantial e-liquid reservoir, USB Type-C charging, and steadfast battery, the ZoVoo 5000 Puffs Bar emerges as an icon in the disposable vape market.

Ascend to new heights in your vaping journey with the ZoVoo 5000 Puffs Bar, where avant-garde technology seamlessly intertwines with convenience, providing a superior and gratifying experience. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur of vapor or a neophyte in the vaping scene, this disposable vape promises an unrivaled amalgamation of performance and longevity, ensuring each puff becomes a celebration of flavor and satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the world of ZoVoo and redefine your expectations of what a disposable vape can truly deliver.

Vanilla Creme Tobacco: 

Vanilla Crème Tobacco is a delightful and sophisticated e-liquid flavor that combines the rich and robust notes of traditional tobacco with the sweet and creamy essence of vanilla. This unique fusion creates a harmonious blend that caters to vapers who appreciate a balanced and nuanced vaping experience.

The prominent taste of tobacco provides a familiar and comforting foundation, reminiscent of the classic tobacco flavor that many vapers enjoy. It delivers a deep and earthy profile, evoking the essence of traditional tobacco without overpowering the palate. This element is particularly appealing to those who appreciate the authenticity of tobacco but seek a more refined and layered taste.

Complementing the bold tobacco notes is the sweet and creamy infusion of vanilla crème. The smooth and velvety character of vanilla adds a touch of sweetness to the blend, creating a well-rounded and satisfying flavor profile. The vanilla crème introduces a subtle creaminess that not only enhances the overall taste but also smoothens out the potentially harsh edges of the tobacco, resulting in a more mellow and enjoyable vaping experience.

The combination of vanilla crème and tobacco creates a balanced flavor journey that unfolds with each inhale and exhale. Vapers can expect a nuanced interplay between the robust tobacco undertones and the sweet, creamy vanilla highlights. This flavor profile is designed to cater to those who seek a sophisticated and layered vaping experience, bridging the gap between the distinctive worlds of tobacco and dessert-inspired flavors.

In summary, Vanilla Crème Tobacco offers a tasteful fusion for vapers who appreciate the classic allure of tobacco coupled with the comforting sweetness of vanilla crème. This flavor provides a refined and harmonious vaping experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-balanced and sophisticated e-liquid blend.