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💨 SaltNic has established itself as a pioneer in the realm of high-concentration salt nicotine e-liquids, setting new standards for exceptional taste. With a team of skilled mixologists at the helm, SaltNic employs advanced techniques to expertly blend authentic flavors, ensuring consistent quality across all batches.

🧿 Each bottle of SaltNic e-liquid is meticulously crafted to achieve a well-balanced profile, maintaining identical flavor characteristics to previous releases. Committed to excellence, SaltNic exclusively employs high-quality ingredients, offering a premium selection of salt e-liquids at affordable prices that cater to every vaping enthusiast.


🌈 Flavors Galore: VGOD SaltNic offers 20+ diverse flavors for varied tastes.

👾 30ML Bottles: Conveniently sized 30ML bottles for portable vaping.

🛸 Top-Grade Salt Nic: Premium salt nicotine for a fulfilling vape experience.

🦄 Crafted by Pros: VGOD's global flavors expertly curated by skilled mixologists.


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Salt Nic - The Rise of a Vape Giant:

Establishing itself as an industry giant, VGOD has earned a prominent spot as one of the most widely recognized names in the vaping world. From cutting-edge devices to a meticulously crafted lineup of premium vape juice, VGOD has cultivated a unique brand synonymous with the thriving culture of vaping.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, VGOD has become a beacon for vapers worldwide. While opinions vary on the origin of the name, whether it stands for "Vape God" or "Vape Gang or Die," the brand has amassed over 1.95 million dedicated fans globally. Founded in 2013 by Johnny Gromis, Tim Miranda, Issac Perez, and Zachary Berge, VGOD has evolved into one of the largest American-based vaping brands, offering a diverse range of acclaimed vapor products, including mods, pods, and e-liquid.

What sets VGOD apart from the rest is its outstanding Salt Nic e-liquid Collection, currently leading the market in salt nicotine offerings. Each flavor in the collection promises a unique and unparalleled experience, from irresistibly fresh fruity blends that leave you craving more to indulgent sugary sweet candy flavors that bring boundless joy.

For those seeking ultimate convenience, VGOD STIG Pods offer the perfect solution. Ideal for those who dislike the hassle of carrying both a pod system and a bottle of salt nicotine e-liquid, STIG Pods present an all-in-one, easy-to-use design. These disposable devices pack the satisfaction of exceptional flavors into a compact size that fits snugly in your hand, ensuring a delightful vaping experience throughout the day.

Summer Strawberry Bliss Unleashed! 🍓💨

Indulge in the vibrant allure of VGOD's SaltNic Summer Strawberry, a flavor that encapsulates the essence of a sun-kissed strawberry orchard in every draw. Encased in a 30ml elixir, this nicotine salts formulation promises a tantalizing journey, elevating your vaping experience to new heights.

Flavor Profile: 🍓🌞

Imagine succulent strawberries bathed in the warmth of summer sunbeams. VGOD's Summer Strawberry captures this blissful essence, offering a symphony of sweet and juicy notes with every inhale. The burst of fruity goodness is complemented by a smooth and satisfying exhale, leaving a lingering sensation that dances on your palate.

Nicotine Strengths: 🌬️💪

Choose your desired level of intensity with nicotine strengths available in 25mg (2.5%) or 50mg (5.0%). Whether you're a seasoned vaper or exploring the realm of nicotine salts, VGOD ensures a customizable and gratifying experience.

Crafted for Low Wattage Devices: ⚡🔒

Designed exclusively for ultra-low wattage and pod-based systems, Summer Strawberry beckons enthusiasts to savor the renowned VGOD e-liquid within the embrace of their favorite devices. The 45PG/55VG balance guarantees a velvety smooth draw, making each puff a celebration of flavor mastery.

Experience the Extraordinary: 🌟💨

Immerse yourself in the world of VGOD's SaltNic Summer Strawberry, where innovation meets expertise to deliver a flavorful and enduring sensation. Elevate your senses, surrender to the extraordinary – VGOD SaltNic Summer Strawberry awaits your discerning palate. 🍓💨