The Kind Pen Twist VV 510 Battery

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Why opt for the Twist?

🔄 Fully adaptable with EVERY 510 vape cartridge and tank, making transitions between setups a breeze.

🔋 Boasts a 400mAh power storage - ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted vaping all day.

🔥 Dual preheat options - making it the ideal battery for all your e-cartridge needs.

🌀 Personalize your session with adjustable voltage to achieve vaping nirvana.

Elevate your vape game.



👾 400mAh battery capacity

👾 510 thread battery compatible with most carts and tanks

👾 Simple, one-button operation

👾 2-click preheat feature (2.0v)

👾 Variable voltage capabilities (2.0v-4.0v)

👾 Battery life LED indicator

👾 Universal USB charger


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Discover the Kind Pen Twist VV 510 Battery at Nexus Smoke! Packed with a powerful 400mAh battery and an adjustable voltage dial, it's perfect for those who want compatibility with 510 cartridges. With two preheat settings, it warms at a gentle 2.0V, ensuring your ceramic heating element is primed for optimal vaporization. The 510 threaded connection not only offers seamless integration with 510 cartridges but also promises an unparalleled vaping experience full of rich vapor and intense flavor. Dive into the next level of vaping, now available at Nexus Smoke. 🔋🌀🌬️