SmokTech LP 2 Coils - 5 Pack

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💨 The LP2 Series Coils, designed as replacements for the RPM 4 Empty LP2 Pods in the RPM 4 Kit from SmokTech, prioritize a leak-proof vaping experience.

💨 Each coil integrates three silicone rings for optimal sealing. When the meshed coil interacts with the saturated cotton, it naturally brings forth a wonderful taste accompanied by a smooth flavor and abundant vapor.

💨 With an additional silicone ring positioned at the base of the coil, it fills any potential gap when inserted into the pod, effectively preventing any e-liquid leakage from the pod, thereby ensuring a clean and satisfying vaping session.


👾 LP2 Meshed 0.23Ω DL Coil | Direct-to-Lung Vaping | Wattage: 20W to 45W | Work on a leak-proof vaping experience | Enlarged contact area for huge cloud production

👾 LP2 DC 0.6Ω Coil | Wattage: 15W to 25W | Work on a leak-proof vaping experience | Dual coils for high quality vapor and flavor

👾 LP2 Meshed 0.4Ω Coil | Best Wattage: 25W | Work on a leak-proof vaping experience | Meshed coil for smoother flavor | Enlarged contact area for bigger vapor

Kit Includes

✅ 1 x LP 2 Coil - 5 Pack


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