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💨 SaltNic has established itself as a pioneer in the realm of high-concentration salt nicotine e-liquids, setting new standards for exceptional taste. With a team of skilled mixologists at the helm, SaltNic employs advanced techniques to expertly blend authentic flavors, ensuring consistent quality across all batches.

🧿 Each bottle of SaltNic e-liquid is meticulously crafted to achieve a well-balanced profile, maintaining identical flavor characteristics to previous releases. Committed to excellence, SaltNic exclusively employs high-quality ingredients, offering a premium selection of salt e-liquids at affordable prices that cater to every vaping enthusiast.


🌈 Flavors Galore: VGOD SaltNic offers 20+ diverse flavors for varied tastes.

👾 30ML Bottles: Conveniently sized 30ML bottles for portable vaping.

🛸 Top-Grade Salt Nic: Premium salt nicotine for a fulfilling vape experience.

🦄 Crafted by Pros: VGOD's global flavors expertly curated by skilled mixologists.


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SaltNic e-liquids are crafted to embody the true essence of flavor, specifically designed for low wattage pod devices. Using only premium quality ingredients, they undergo a meticulous layering process that incorporates primary, secondary, and finishing notes, elevating the depth of intentional flavor. Each SaltNic e-liquid is expertly balanced, delivering exceptional taste with elevated levels of salt nicotine to provide satisfaction throughout the day. With an array of flavor profiles to suit every discerning palate, SaltNic guarantees to become your go-to all-day vape!


Dry Tobacco: Embark on a journey to the Wild West with this bold and rugged flavor, capturing the essence of the untamed frontier and delivering a satisfying vape for the cowboy in you.

Melon Mix: Get ready for a melon medley that will make your taste buds dance! This refreshing blend of juicy melons will transport you to a tropical paradise with its burst of sweet and succulent flavors.

Mighty Mint: Brace yourself for an Arctic blast with this invigorating flavor. A minty masterpiece that will awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized with every exhale.

Summer Strawberry: Savor the taste of summer all year round with this delightful flavor. Juicy, ripe strawberries come together in a sweet symphony that will transport you to sun-kissed picnics and warm days at the beach.

Tropical Mango: Escape to a tropical paradise with this exotic flavor. Succulent mangoes take center stage, whisking you away to sandy shores and swaying palm trees, creating a vape that's as refreshing as an island breeze.