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💨 Rooted in Flavor: Born in Buffalo, New York - a hub for e-liquid creativity and culinary excellence - Primus Vape Co, since its inception in 2015, embodies a family-owned enterprise thriving on a passion for flavor. Our unique location infuses our brand with a zest for taste innovation, reflected in the distinctive blends we offer, such as "Banshee", "Grapple", and "Nobacco".

💨 Quality and Craftsmanship: Driven by a mission to provide superior alternatives to cigarettes, our journey began with an exhaustive exploration of the finest ingredients to recreate beloved flavor combinations. After rigorous testing and fine-tuning, we've curated a diverse portfolio of e-liquids, offering everything from the sweet-tart notes of "Blackberry" to the otherworldly blend of "Pluto". Our commitment to quality ensures an unmatched vaping experience with every puff.


👾 Innovative Flavor Excellence: Primus Vape Co., nestled in Buffalo, New York, leads the vaping industry with meticulously crafted vape juice flavors, delivering an unparalleled sensory adventure for enthusiasts.

💯 Unrivaled Craftsmanship: Renowned for unwavering quality, each handcrafted e-liquid attests to the brand's commitment to excellence, setting new standards in vaping satisfaction.

🦄 Diverse, Captivating Flavors: With a comprehensive range of captivating blends, Primus Vape Co.'s e-liquids promise a complex yet satisfying symphony of tastes, appealing to diverse vaper preferences.

💨 Nicotine Variants: Available in both 30mg and 50mg nicotine levels, Primus Vape Co. offers flexibility, catering to varying preferences for nicotine strength.


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A Symphony of Flavors: The Magic of Primus 30 Vape Juice Unleashed

Welcome to the vibrant world of Primus Vape Co! 🌈 Founded in 2015 in Buffalo, New York, we're not just an e-liquid company; we're a family-owned and operated visionary force on a mission to transform your vaping experience. 🚀 Fueled by a shared love for adventure, creativity, and ambition, we're here to offer a gratifying alternative for the 37 million smokers in America.

At Primus Vape Co, we're all about the details! 🧐 Each flavor is meticulously crafted to perfection, ensuring an unparalleled vaping experience. Whether you're into fruity delights, velvety creaminess, or delectable desserts, we've got an all-day vaping companion tailored just for you.

Packaged in funky 30ml or 120ml Chubby Gorilla bottles, we don't just deliver on flavor – we embrace versatility! 🍇🍰 With e-liquids available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels, we've got options to suit various preferences and needs. Our thoughtful packaging reflects our commitment to a user-friendly experience, making your journey with Primus both seamless and enjoyable.

In the vast world of e-liquids, Primus Vape Co shines as a beacon of innovation and quality. Each puff is an invitation to embark on a flavorful journey, meticulously crafted to elevate your vaping escapades. 🌬️ Join us as we redefine vaping standards, one exceptional flavor at a time.

Choose Primus Vape Co for an extraordinary vaping adventure where passion seamlessly meets perfection. 🚀 Explore our diverse range of flavors and discover your ideal all-day vape with us. Happy vaping! 🌟🌬️


Grapple is an enticing fusion of grapes and apples, creating a symphony of sweet and crisp flavors in every puff. 🍇🍏 This delightful combination brings together the juicy essence of ripe grapes and the refreshing bite of crisp apples, offering a harmonious blend that tantalizes the taste buds. Whether you're a fan of fruity sweetness or craving a unique twist, Grapple promises a flavorful vaping experience that captures the best of both worlds. Get ready to embark on a journey of grape and apple bliss with every inhale! 🌬️✨