NOVO Bar AL6000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape - Blue Razz Ice

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πŸš€ Novo AL6000 - An Innovative Vaping Marvel: The Novo AL6000 revolutionizes vaping, merging cutting-edge technology with diverse flavors. It introduces intelligent vaping with smart battery and e-liquid indicators for hassle-free monitoring.

🌈 Flavor-Filled Joy Ride: 6000 Puffs
With a substantial 13ml e-liquid reservoir, the AL6000 delivers up to 6000 flavorful puffs, ensuring a captivating taste adventure with every draw. Each puff promises an explosion of delightful flavors.

πŸ“± Beyond Disposable: An Experiential Journey:
The AL6000 isn't just a vape; it's a smart, enduring, and flavor-packed expedition into the world of vaping. It offers an immersive and innovative experience, inviting vapers to step into the future of vaping pleasure.

πŸ’¨ AL6000 Specifications: Elevating Vaping Standards
The AL6000 by SMOK Novo Bar is more than a device; it's a gateway to a remarkable flavor journey. With its tech-smart features, colossal e-liquid capacity, and versatile specifications, it sets a new benchmark in disposable vaping.


πŸ₯€ 13mLΒ Pre-FilledΒ E-Liquid

πŸ’¨ 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength

πŸ›Έ Approximately 6000 Puffs

πŸ”‹ 650mAh Battery with Super Fast Type-C RechargingΒ 

🏎️ Mesh Coil

πŸ¦„ Airflow Adjustment

πŸ“± E-Liquid Indicator Light

🧿 Battery Indicator Light


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In a groundbreaking move within the vaping sphere, SMOK has revolutionized its presence with the introduction of Novo Bar AL6000 Disposables. These disposable wonders from SMOK pack a punch with 13mL of pre-filled eJuice, a robust 650mAh battery, and an impressive puff count reaching up to 6000 draws. The innovation doesn't stop there – the Smok Novo Bar AL6000 is equipped with state-of-the-art mesh coils, ensuring an unparalleled flavor experience in the realm of disposable vapes.

Embracing simplicity, the Smok AL6000 is draw-activated, eliminating the need for a button. Just puff away at your leisure! The nicotine content is set at 5%, or 50mg of salt nicotine, delivering a sensation familiar to cigarette smokers. The Smok Novo Bar takes user convenience to the next level with a bottom switch functioning as the adjustable airflow, and a Type-C charging port for easy recharging until the last drop.

What sets the Smok Novo AL6000 apart is its intelligent design, featuring an E-liquid level light indicator to signal when the liquid is running low. Additionally, the AL6000 incorporates a battery life light indicator, keeping you informed about the device's usage. These cutting-edge features on a disposable device mark a new industry standard, setting the bar high for future disposable vapes.

As the pioneer in freebase e-liquid nicotine vape kit manufacturing, SMOK has once again showcased its commitment to pushing technological boundaries. Secure your Smok Novo Bar AL6000 before they vanish from the shelves; the word is spreading fast about these high-tech disposables, and they are sure to become a sought-after favorite among vaping enthusiasts! πŸš€πŸ’¨

Blue Razz Ice:Β 

Blue Razz Ice is a popular vape flavor known for its sweet and tangy profile with a refreshing twist of menthol. The primary taste is derived from blue raspberry, which typically has a sweet and slightly tart flavor resembling ripe blueberries. The addition of menthol brings a cool and icy sensation to the mix, enhancing the overall vaping experience.

Imagine the taste of juicy blue raspberries bursting with sweetness, and then add a layer of frosty menthol that provides a cooling sensation on the inhale and exhale. This combination creates a well-balanced and invigorating flavor profile, making Blue Razz Ice a favorite among vapers who enjoy fruity and menthol-infused e-liquids.

The menthol component not only adds a chilling effect but also contributes to a more dynamic and complex flavor. It can provide a crisp finish to the sweetness of the blue raspberry, making each puff a delightful blend of fruitiness and coolness. Blue Razz Ice is often chosen by vapers seeking a refreshing and exhilarating vaping experience, especially during warm weather or as an all-day vape for those who enjoy fruity menthol flavors.

Whether you're a fan of fruit-flavored vapes, menthol-infused blends, or a combination of both, Blue Razz Ice offers a unique and satisfying option. It's a flavor that captures the essence of summer with its fruity sweetness and cooling menthol kick, providing a flavorful escape with every inhale and exhale.