Myle Meta Box Disposable Vape 5000 Puffs

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💨 High Puff Count & Large Tank: Myle Meta Box features a remarkable 5000 puff capacity with a 12ml tank, ensuring an extended and flavorful vaping experience.

🪼 Ergonomic Design: Designed with a soft-touch body and rubberized mouthpiece for a comfortable grip and premium feel, making it ideal for prolonged use.

🦖 Rechargeable 400mAh Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, offering consistent performance and eliminating the issue of leftover liquid.

🐉 Compact and Discreet: Its sleek, square-shaped design is perfect for on-the-go vaping, providing both discretion and portability without sacrificing quality.


👾 Prefilled E-liquid Capacity: 12ml 5% Nicotine (5000puffs)

🔋 400mAh Rechargeable Battery

⛓️ Cutting Edge Technology


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Introducing Myle Meta Box: The Ultimate Disposable Vape Experience

Discover the Myle Meta Box, a game-changing disposable e-cigarette that's taking the vaping world by storm. This cutting-edge device, renowned for its compact and discreet design, offers a blend of advanced technology and unmatched convenience, perfectly suited for modern vapers.

Key Features of the Myle Meta Box:

  • Exceptional Puff Count: Experience prolonged vaping sessions with the Meta Box's remarkable 5000 puff capacity. This extended usage is facilitated by a generous 12ml tank, the largest in our collection, ensuring you enjoy every last drop of flavor.
  • Ergonomic and Premium Design: The Myle Meta Box is designed with a soft-touch body and a rubberized mouthpiece, providing a comfortable grip and an enhanced vaping experience. Its square shape adds a touch of elegance, making it a stylish accessory for any vaper.
  • Powerful and Efficient Battery: Fitted with a rechargeable 400mAh battery, the Meta Box offers consistent performance and longevity, effectively addressing the issue of unused liquid with its efficient design.
  • Compact and Portable: Ideal for vapers on the go, the Meta Box boasts a sleek, pocket-friendly design, offering discretion and portability without compromising on quality or performance.

Myle Meta Box: A New Era in Disposable Vaping

As a leader in disposable e-cigarette technology, the Myle Meta Box is a testament to our commitment to innovation. Its unique combination of a high puff count, large tank capacity, and user-friendly design positions it as a top choice in the disposable vaping market. Whether you're at home or on the move, the Meta Box ensures a premium and satisfying vaping experience.

Vape Flavor Quest: Explore Tasty Myle Meta Box 5000 Puffs Vaping Routes

  • Blueberry Lemon: Dive into a tangy-sweet explosion as luscious blueberries intertwine with zesty lemons, creating a refreshing burst of fruity goodness that will awaken your taste buds.
  • French Vanilla: Indulge in the creamy decadence of smooth French vanilla, delivering a velvety-rich flavor that will satisfy your cravings and leave you craving for more.
  • Georgia Peach: Experience the sun-kissed sweetness of perfectly ripe Georgia peaches, capturing the essence of summertime bliss in each delightful puff.
  • Iced Mint: Brace yourself for a chilling sensation with the invigorating blast of icy mint, providing a cool and refreshing vaping experience that will leave you feeling revitalized.
  • Tropical Fruit: Take a tropical getaway with this exotic blend of succulent fruits, combining the juiciness of tropical favorites for a truly delightful vaping adventure.
  • Malaysian Mango: Immerse yourself in the irresistible sweetness of juicy Malaysian mangoes, transporting you to a tropical paradise with every indulgent puff.
  • Honeydew: Succulent and refreshing, the honeydew flavor delivers the perfect balance of sweetness and juiciness, offering a heavenly vaping experience that is hard to resist.
  • Peach Ice: Revel in the delicate harmony of sweet peaches and cool menthol, creating a refreshing fusion that will keep you feeling cool and satisfied.
  • Pineapple Coconut Strawberry: Embark on a tropical escape with the tantalizing combination of juicy pineapples and creamy coconut strawberry, whisking you away to a beachside paradise with every puff.
  • Red Apple: Savor the crisp and juicy essence of freshly picked red apples, delivering a classic and comforting flavor that will evoke memories of autumn orchards.
  • Skittles: Taste the rainbow with this delightful medley of fruity flavors, reminiscent of the iconic candy, offering a burst of vibrant sweetness that will keep your taste buds dancing.
  • Sweet Tobacco: Experience the smooth and satisfying taste of sweet tobacco, bringing together the richness of tobacco with a hint of sweetness for a truly enjoyable vaping experience.