Monster Bar Max 6000 5% Rechargeable Disposable Vape - Melon Colada Ice

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🛸 Extended Vaping Pleasure: Monster Bars Max offers 6,000 puffs, elevating the experience of their signature flavors to an unmatched level of longevity, delivering remarkable satisfaction.

💯 Crafted Perfection: Monster Vape devices are precision-engineered with a focus on durability and user-friendly features. They cater to a wide spectrum of vapers with sleek, portable designs for on-the-go ease or robust mods for cloud enthusiasts.

🌈 Flavor Mastery: Monster Vape excels in e-liquid selection, presenting a diverse range of tastes from vibrant fruit fusions to decadent dessert-inspired blends. Each premium e-liquid is meticulously crafted to deliver a rich and delightful vaping experience.

💎 Monster Bars Max 6000 Puffs: Available at Nexus Smoke, this disposable vape offers a massive 12ml juice capacity, promising prolonged and delightful vaping sessions. Designed for maximum satisfaction, it surpasses other disposables in terms of capacity and convenience.


🦄 Prefilled E-liquid Capacity: 12ml 5% Nicotine (6000puffs)

🔌 Rechargeable Battery


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Introducing the Monster Bars MAX, a groundbreaking pre-filled disposable vape pod system engineered to deliver an exceptional vaping experience. Powered by a rechargeable USB 1200mAh built-in battery, this state-of-the-art device distinguishes itself with an impressive puff count exceeding 6000. Available for sale all year round at Nexus Smoke, the Monster Bars MAX offers a diverse and satisfying array of flavors for vapers to explore.

With a substantial pre-filled E-liquid capacity of 12ml, the Monster Bars MAX ensures an extended and gratifying vaping session, reducing the need for frequent refills and enhancing overall convenience. Its compact and user-friendly design adds to the portability, catering to the on-the-go lifestyle embraced by today's vapers.

Equipped with a rechargeable 550mAh battery, the Monster Bars MAX not only delivers an extended puff count but also provides the convenience of USB recharging. This feature enhances the sustainability and usability of the device, allowing users to enjoy prolonged vaping without concerns about battery depletion. The 5% nicotine by weight (50mg/mL) concentration ensures a satisfying and robust nicotine hit with each puff.

Explore a multitude of Monster Bars Max 6000 disposable vape flavors to tailor your vaping experience. With options ranging from fruity to dessert-inspired, vapers can customize their journey to align with their taste preferences. The Monster Bars MAX stands out as a top-tier option in the realm of disposable vapes, seamlessly blending innovation, convenience, and an extensive flavor range for an unparalleled vaping adventure.

Discover the perfect flavor for your palate within the world of Monster Bars Max 6000 disposable vapes. With the added convenience of a rechargeable battery, substantial E-liquid capacity, and an impressive puff count, the Monster Bars MAX sets a new benchmark for disposable vape devices. Elevate your vaping journey with this cutting-edge and flavorful option, appealing to both novice and experienced vapers alike.

Melon Colada Ice: 

Melon Colada Ice is a refreshing and tropical vape flavor that combines the sweetness of ripe melons with the coolness of menthol for a truly invigorating experience. The prominent taste of juicy melons, such as watermelon and cantaloupe, provides a succulent and fruity foundation that is both satisfying and revitalizing. This delightful melon blend is then enhanced with a touch of coconut, adding a creamy and tropical undertone that complements the overall flavor profile.

What sets Melon Colada Ice apart is the addition of menthol, which introduces a frosty and icy element to the mix. The cool menthol sensation elevates the refreshing qualities of the melons and coconut, creating a well-balanced and exhilarating flavor combination. The menthol also contributes to a cooling effect, making Melon Colada Ice an ideal choice for vapers who enjoy icy and fruity blends, especially in warmer weather.

The synergy of sweet melons, creamy coconut, and a burst of menthol makes Melon Colada Ice a fantastic choice for those seeking a vibrant and chilling vaping experience. The complexity of flavors in this e-liquid offers a multi-layered and satisfying journey with every inhale, making it a standout option for vapers who appreciate the fusion of tropical fruits and menthol freshness.