Monster Bar 3500 5% Disposable Non Re-chargeable Vape - Banana Ice

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💨 Monster Bars are an ultra-premium disposable device based on the industry's best-selling flavors.

🛩️ Monster Bars 3500: Offers 3500 Puffs of Ultimate Satisfaction

🚀 Enhanced Performance: 1200mAh Battery, 7mL E-liquid Capacity, and Mesh Coil for Flavor

💯 Convenience at Its Peak: Ideal for Both Beginners and Experienced Vapers


🥃 Prefilled E-liquid Capacity: 7ml 5% Nicotine

💨 Adjustable Air Flow

🔮 3500 Puffs

🛸 Mesh Coil


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The Monster Bars 3500 stands out as an exceptional vaping device tailored for both beginners and seasoned vapers, ensuring a convenient and satisfying experience. Boasting an impressive capacity of up to 3500 puffs, this disposable vape ranks among the longest-lasting options in the market. This feature caters to users seeking prolonged vaping sessions without the need for the maintenance associated with traditional vape mods. What sets this vape apart is its quick usability – arriving pre-charged and ready to go, it provides an instant nicotine fix within minutes.

Not only does the Monster Bars 3500 deliver a stellar performance, but it also sports an appealing design. Its sleek body houses all essential components in a compact and discreet form, fitting comfortably in pockets or purses. The marriage of a small size with a high power output enables an impressive 3500 puffs per charge, ensuring more than enough capacity for extended vaping pleasure. With its remarkable features and extended battery life, the Monster Bars 3500 sets a new standard for contemporary disposable vapes, offering both convenience and satisfaction.

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Key Product Features of Monster Bars 3500 Puff Disposable:

  • Pre-filled 7ml E-liquid capacity
  • Available in 5% (50mg) strength
  • 1200mAh draw-activated integrated battery
  • Mesh Coil

Banana Ice: 

Banana Ice is a delectable vape flavor that combines the sweet and creamy essence of ripe bananas with a refreshing burst of icy menthol. Imagine the smooth and luscious taste of perfectly ripened bananas, delivering a delightful sweetness to your palate. This fruity foundation is then enhanced by the invigorating sensation of cool menthol, creating a harmonious blend that tantalizes the taste buds.

The inhale introduces the rich and authentic banana flavor, providing a creamy and slightly sweet experience reminiscent of enjoying a freshly peeled banana. As the vapor lingers on the palate, the exhale brings forth the brisk and revitalizing notes of menthol, adding a layer of freshness that balances the sweetness of the banana. The combination of these two elements results in a well-rounded and satisfying vape, offering both fruity richness and a cooling finish.

Banana Ice is an excellent choice for vapers who appreciate the fusion of sweet fruitiness and the invigorating kick of menthol. Whether you're a fan of fruit-flavored vapes or enjoy the icy touch of menthol, this flavor profile offers a delightful and refreshing vaping experience.