Lush Ice CRAVE MAX Disposable Vape 2500 Puff

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Crave Product View

Enjoy the Cool Refreshment of The Lush Ice Crave Max 2500 Disposable Vape, a Top Pick for a Frosty Fruit Fusion!

Flavor: Lush Ice Crave Max masterfully blends the juicy essence of watermelon with a brisk icy chill, creating an exhilarating and sweetly refreshing taste sensation that embodies the perfect balance of fruitiness with a cool minty finish.

This Crave Max device is loaded with a 6.5mL pre-filled e-liquid reservoir at a 5% (50mg) nicotine concentration, designed to provide extended pleasure. Its 1300mAh battery is crafted for long-lasting use, capable of up to 2500 draws, delivering steady and enjoyable hits. As a unit that doesn't require recharging, it offers ultimate convenience, avoiding the need for upkeep or refills, and includes protective measures against excessive use, low power, and circuit issues, ensuring a secure experience from start to finish.

Dive Into the Icy Sweetness of Lush Ice Crave Max 2500 Puff Disposable Vape: A Frosty Delight for Enthusiasts

The Lush Ice Crave Disposable has rapidly gained favor for its vibrant watermelon flavor cooled with a minty breeze, making it an ideal choice for those in pursuit of a refreshing and bold taste profile.

Equipped with a substantial liquid capacity and a durable battery, the Crave Max is distinguished by its longevity and effortless operation, emerging as a favorite for daily use. Its uncomplicated design, emphasizing the crisp and refreshing flavor mix, has earned widespread praise, attracting a diverse range of users, from those new to experienced. The device's disposable format ensures a smooth experience from the initial puff to the last, freeing users from concerns about charging or refilling.

Users are attracted to the Lush Ice Crave Max for its standout flavor and the consistent excellence associated with the Crave brand. Its popularity highlights a keen interest in innovative, chill-infused fruit flavors that prioritize both high quality and simplicity. For further details on this and more varieties, browse the Crave lineup. Enter the world of cool, fruity vapor with Lush Ice Crave Max, where top-notch flavor meets the peak of convenience and safety. Enjoy trouble-free enjoyment with Crave Max, enhanced by rapid and complimentary shipping for a more satisfying acquisition.