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😌 Extended Vaping Experience: Offers up to 10,000 puffs with a pre-filled 20mL salt nicotine e-liquid, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and convenience.

✅ Innovative Design and Display: Features a sleek, ergonomic design with smooth edges and a clear acrylic panel, complemented by a smart display screen for e-juice and battery level monitoring.

🌎 Advanced Coil Technology: Equipped with a 1.0 ohm Mesh Coil, providing an ultra-smooth and flavorful vaping experience, reflecting Lost Vape's expertise in coil innovation.

🦖 User-Friendly and Efficient: Comes pre-charged and draw-activated, with a 5% nicotine concentration (50mg/mL) for a potent hit, and is crafted with high standards in China.


👾 Liquid: 20.0 mL

👀 Nicotine: 50mg (5.0%)

🔋 Rechargeable: Type-C

🪫 Battery: Built-in 650mAh

💨 10,000 Puffs Per Device

🪼 Smart Display

⛓️ 1.0Ω Mesh Coil


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ORION BAR 10,000


Lost Vape Orion Bar 10000: The Premier Rechargeable Vaping Device with Extended Puffs

Elevate Your Vaping Game with Orion Bar 10000 Disposable Vape

Step into the world of advanced vaping with the Orion Bar 10000, a top-of-the-line rechargeable disposable vape pen by Lost Vape. Designed for vapers who value sophistication and longevity, this premium disposable vape pen offers a remarkable 10,000 puff capacity, blending long-lasting enjoyment with high-end vaping performance.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Vaping Experience | Orion Bar 10000's Superior Build

The Orion Bar 10000 sets a new standard with its sleek, ergonomic design. Filled with 20mL of premium-grade salt nicotine e-liquid, it provides an extended and satisfying vaping journey. Its rechargeability offers added convenience, while the innovative display keeps you updated on e-liquid levels and battery life. The device's refined aesthetics, featuring smooth lines and a vivid acrylic panel, make it a stylish accessory for any vaper.

State-of-the-Art Coil Technology for Rich Flavor

The Orion Bar 10000 showcases Lost Vape's expertise in coil design. It's fitted with a 1.0 ohm Mesh Coil, crafted to deliver a smooth, flavor-rich vaping experience. This cutting-edge coil technology ensures a consistent and enjoyable draw, catering to both seasoned vapers and those new to the world of vaping.

Notable Features of Orion Bar 10000 Disposable Vape

  • Potent Nicotine Delivery: Boasts 5% nicotine strength (50mg/mL) with a high-performing coil atomizer.
  • Quality E-Liquid Experience: Comes with a generous 20ml pre-filled e-liquid capacity, featuring nicotine salt for an unparalleled vape.
  • User-Friendly Design: Pre-charged, draw-activated, and easy to use, this vape is also rechargeable with a 650mAh battery and Type-C charging port.
  • Intuitive Display Technology: Equipped with a display screen for convenient monitoring of juice and battery levels.
  • Exceptional Construction Quality: Manufactured in China, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability.

What's Included in the Orion Bar 10000 Package?

Each package includes:

  • 1 X Orion Bar 10000 20ml 10000 Puffs 650mAh Disposable Vape Pen by Lost Vape

Why Choose the Orion Bar 10000 Disposable Vape Pen?

The Orion Bar 10000, with its rechargeable batteries, represents the pinnacle of modern vaping preferences: simplicity, elegance, and superior performance. With its array of delightful flavors, it invites vapers to explore and find their ideal taste. Perfect for both vaping enthusiasts and beginners, the Orion Bar 10000 enhances every aspect of your vaping experience.

Grape Burst Flavor: A Deep Dive into the Lost Vape Orion Bar's Fruity Sensation

Experience the Rich Essence of Grape Burst in Orion Bar 10000

Indulge in the captivating Grape Burst flavor offered by the Lost Vape Orion Bar 10000, a unique blend that promises a rich and satisfying vaping experience. This flavor profile is expertly crafted for those who cherish the taste of juicy grapes with a refreshing twist, making each puff an unforgettable encounter.

The Allure of Grape Burst: A Symphony of Flavors

The Grape Burst flavor in the Orion Bar 10000 is a masterful creation that captures the essence of ripe, succulent grapes. This flavor is not just a simple grape taste; it's a complex, layered experience that tantalizes your taste buds. The initial inhale brings a burst of sweet grape flavor, reminiscent of a vineyard's finest harvest. As you exhale, the flavor subtly transforms, leaving a lingering, refreshing aftertaste that invites you back for more.

Why Grape Burst Stands Out in the Orion Bar 10000 Collection

  • Authentic Grape Taste: Experience a genuine grape flavor that's both bold and nuanced, capturing the essence of fresh grapes.
  • Perfect Balance of Sweetness and Freshness: Grape Burst strikes a harmonious balance, offering a sweet yet not overpowering taste, complemented by a refreshing undertone.
  • Ideal for All-Day Vaping: Its pleasant and not overly intense profile makes Grape Burst an excellent choice for vapers looking for a flavor suitable for all-day enjoyment.

Crafted for the Discerning Vaper

The Grape Burst flavor is a testament to Lost Vape's commitment to quality and innovation. It's designed for vapers who appreciate a fruit-based e-liquid that's both flavorful and refined. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, Grape Burst provides a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience.

Pairing with Orion Bar 10000's Advanced Features

When vaped with the Orion Bar 10000, the Grape Burst flavor benefits from the device's advanced features. The 1.0 ohm Mesh Coil enhances the grape flavor, ensuring each puff is smooth and consistent. The device's 20mL e-liquid capacity and 10,000 puff count mean you can enjoy the Grape Burst flavor for extended periods, without the need for frequent refills or replacements.

Grape Burst: A Flavorful Journey

Embark on a journey with the Grape Burst flavor in the Orion Bar 10000. Its rich, grape essence, combined with the convenience and performance of the Orion Bar 10000, makes for an unmatched vaping experience. Whether you're relaxing at home or on the go, Grape Burst provides a delightful escape into a world of fruity goodness.

In summary, the Grape Burst flavor for the Lost Vape Orion Bar 10000 is more than just a vaping choice; it's an experience. It's perfect for vapers seeking a rich, grape-flavored adventure that's both satisfying and refreshing.