Lost Mary MO 5000 - Mango Peach

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Discover the epitome of easy and convenient vaping with our purpose-built e-liquid disposable vape device. This vaping marvel features an ample 13.5ml e-liquid tank, guaranteeing approximately 5000 puffs before requiring a refill. What's more, our rechargeable 500mAh battery effortlessly accommodates even the most demanding vapers. Say farewell to uneven heatingβ€”our contemporary mesh coil technology ensures each hit bursts with flavor. Moreover, with a robust 50mg (5 percent) strength, you'll relish an intense yet velvety throat hit that stands in a league of its own. Elevate your vaping experience today with our premium disposable vape.

Mango Peach:Β Indulge in the delightful fusion of tropical sweetness with our Mango Peach e-liquid flavor. This tantalizing blend marries the succulent juiciness of ripe mangoes with the soft, velvety notes of perfectly ripened peaches. Each inhale delivers a burst of tropical paradise, with the sunny essence of mangoes dancing on your taste buds, followed by the mellow and slightly tangy embrace of ripe peaches on the exhale. It's a symphony of flavors that's both refreshing and satisfying, making Mango Peach the perfect choice for those seeking a taste of summer year-round. Dive into this harmonious blend and let the luscious combination of mango and peach transport you to a tropical oasis with every puff.