iJoy Bar SD10000 Smart Vape Disposable 10000 Puffs - Strawberry Mango

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🛩️ Experience dual vaping modes with the iJoy Bar SD10000 disposable. Its unique SD MODE lets you switch vaping experiences via a simple bottom switch. The 0.8 ₽ mesh coil delivers unprecedented smoothness.

🔮 With 20ml pre-filled e-liquid offering up to 10,000 puffs, and an innovative digital screen displaying juice and battery percentages, your JOYtime is always at hand.

🦄 Exclusive SD MODE offers two unique vaping experiences

🔋 650mAh battery with adjustable power settings; 0.8Ω mesh coil for smooth, flavorful vape


👾 20mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid

🔮 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength

⚡️ 650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

💨 Approximately 10,000 Puffs

📱 Digital Battery Life & Juice Life % Screen

💯 SD Mode for Two Different Vaping Experiences

🏎️ S - Powerful / Preferable

🛩️ D - Smooth / Comfortable 

🔥 0.8Ω Sub-Ohm Mesh Coil


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Introducing the IJOY Bar SD10000, a revolutionary disposable vape device designed to elevate your vaping experience. The standout feature of this device is its unique LED Smart Screen, providing instant clarity on your juice and battery levels with just a quick 5-second glance. Beyond that, the IJOY Bar SD10000 sets itself apart as the first disposable device with adjustable power through its innovative SD Mode, delivering two distinct vaping experiences in a single device—powerful in S mode and smooth in D mode. Immerse yourself in the future of vaping with the IJOY Bar SD10000.

Adjustable Power: The iJoy Bar SD10000 breaks new ground with adjustable power in disposable devices, offering two atomization modes: S mode and D mode. S mode delivers a powerful and preferred vaping experience, while D mode offers a smooth and comfortable alternative. Users can effortlessly fine-tune the output power using the bottom button.

High Capacity and Puffs: With an impressive prefilled e-liquid capacity of 20ml, the iJoy Bar SD10000 surpasses standard disposables, ensuring up to 10,000 puffs. This substantial capacity provides extended usage without the need for refills or recharging.

Advanced Atomization Technology: The fantastic iJoy Bar incorporates cutting-edge atomization technology, featuring a 0.8Ω mesh coil. This advanced coil enhances flavor delivery and vapor production, contributing to an overall more enjoyable vaping experience.

LED Smart Screen: Unlike traditional disposables, the iJoy Bar SD10000 is equipped with an LED smart screen displaying the remaining juice percentage and battery life. During vaping, it shows the juice remaining percentage for approximately 5 seconds, followed by the battery remaining percentage, providing users with a clear understanding of their device's status.

Long-Lasting Battery: With a robust 650mAh built-in battery, the iJoy Bar SD10000 ensures extended usage time, allowing users to enjoy vaping sessions without concerns about running out of battery power. The device also features a Type-C charging port for convenient and fast charging.

Type-C Charging: Utilizing a Type-C charging port, the iJoy Bar SD10000 offers faster and more efficient charging compared to traditional USB ports. This enables users to quickly recharge their devices, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous vaping enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled features of the IJOY Bar SD10000, setting a new standard in disposable vape innovation.

Strawberry Mango: 

Strawberry Mango is a delightful fusion of two iconic fruit flavors, creating a harmonious blend that tantalizes the taste buds with its sweet and tropical profile. The prominent taste of ripe strawberries brings a luscious sweetness, offering a burst of fruity goodness that is both familiar and comforting. Complementing this berry goodness is the exotic essence of juicy mangoes, adding a tropical twist that transports the flavor profile to sun-soaked, tropical landscapes.

The succulent and juicy character of ripe strawberries provides a refreshing and familiar note, while the addition of mango introduces a tropical complexity, creating a dynamic flavor experience. The natural sweetness of strawberries intertwines with the rich and exotic taste of mango, resulting in a well-balanced and satisfying flavor profile.

Expect a symphony of sweetness, a hint of tartness, and a touch of tropical bliss with each puff of Strawberry Mango. This flavor combination is perfect for those who enjoy the best of both worlds, offering a fruity escape that invigorates the senses and provides a delightful vaping experience. Whether you're a fan of fruit-forward profiles or seeking a vibrant and refreshing flavor, Strawberry Mango is a delicious option that captures the essence of ripe strawberries and succulent mangoes in every inhale.