iJoy Bar IC8000 Disposable Smart Vape 8000 Puffs - Apple Juice

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💨 8000 Puffs of Delightful Vapor: The iJOY Bar Smart Vape offers a massive battery and pre-filled e-liquid tank, providing an impressive 8000 puffs and an easy inhale activation for user-friendly operation.

🛸 Exceptional Convenience: Featuring a compact design, the device ensures portability and longevity, making it ideal for on-the-go lifestyles, with detailed monitoring facilitated by a mini LED screen for battery and e-liquid levels.

💎 Sleek and Portable: Crafted with a sleek, portable design, the iJOY Bar Smart Vape caters perfectly to active vapers seeking convenience, satisfaction, and extended flavor enjoyment.

🔮 Premium Vaping Experience: Irrespective of vaping expertise, the iJOY Bar Smart Vape promises a premium experience with enduring performance, user-friendly design, and a variety of delicious flavors.


💯 Size: 23mm * 47mm * 85MM

🥤 Prefilled E-liquid Capacity: 18ml 5% Nicotine (8000puffs)

🔋 650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

⚡️ Output Mode: 11W (3.5V)

🦄 1.1Ω Mesh Coil


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IJOY 8000


Introduction to iJOY Bar Smart Vape:
The iJOY Bar Smart Vape stands out as the epitome of convenience, portability, and lasting performance in the world of vaping. Engineered for those who crave an on-the-go vaping experience, this sleek device offers an impressive 8000 puffs, making it an ideal companion for commuters, travelers, and homebodies alike.

Extended Performance and User-Friendly Design:
Elevate your vaping experience with the iJOY Bar Smart Vape, ensuring consistent and satisfying puffs without the inconvenience of frequent refills or charges. The device boasts a mini LED screen, providing real-time information on battery and e-liquid levels, guaranteeing you never run out unexpectedly.

Perfect for On-the-Go Vapers:
Catering to the needs of the always-on-the-move vapers, this compact and stylish device is a game-changer. Its portability makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag, ensuring you have your favorite flavors at your fingertips wherever life takes you.

Versatility for Vaping Enthusiasts and Beginners:
The iJOY Bar Smart Vape is designed for everyone, from seasoned vaping enthusiasts to beginners. Its user-friendly design, combined with long-lasting performance and a variety of delicious flavors, ensures that every user can enjoy a premium vaping experience without any complications.

Digital Features for a Seamless Experience:
Embrace the digital era of vaping with the iJOY Bar Smart Vape's LED screen, offering a clear view of both battery life and e-liquid levels. This innovative feature enhances user control, allowing you to plan your vaping sessions and order replacements precisely when needed.

Order Your iJOY Bar Smart Vape Today:
Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your vaping experience. Order your iJOY Bar Smart Vape today and enjoy the perfect blend of convenience, style, and long-lasting performance. With its impressive specifications and user-friendly design, this device is set to become your go-to vaping companion.

Specifications for the Discerning Vaper:
Delve into the technical details that make the iJOY Bar Smart Vape a standout choice. Featuring 18mL of pre-filled eLiquid with a 5% (50mg) nicotine strength, this device houses a 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, offering approximately 8000 puffs. The LED screen adds a modern touch, providing digital insights into battery and juice life. The 1.10 mesh coil ensures a premium vaping experience with every puff.

Apple Juice: Apple Juice vape flavor captures the essence of biting into a sweet and crisp apple, delivering a refreshing and authentic experience. This popular choice among vapers provides a well-balanced sweetness, replicating the taste of freshly pressed apple juice without being overly sugary. The flavor is versatile, blending seamlessly with other profiles, and its light and refreshing nature make it an ideal "all-day vape," particularly favored during warmer months for its cool undertones. Available in various nicotine strengths, Apple Juice is well-suited for pod systems and compact devices, offering a convenient and discreet vaping option. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with complementary flavors like berries or dessert undertones, Apple Juice vape provides a delightful and natural fruity vaping experience.