GeekVape P Series Coils - 5 Pack

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💨 The P Series Coils, designed by GeekVape, are low-resistance mesh coils built for high-power performance and compatible with various GeekVape devices.

💨 Engineered to produce a substantial amount of vapor directly to the lungs, these coils feature an anti-spit-back mesh core and extended durability.

💨 Opt for the GeekVape P Series Coils to enjoy a superior vaping experience where every nuance of flavor is noticeable and each layer of taste is distinctly felt.


👾 P0.15Ω XM Coil (70-85W)

👾 P0.2Ω KA1 Coil (60-70W) 

👾 P0.4Ω KA1 Coil (50-60W)

👾 P0.5Ω KA1 Coil (40-50W)


✅ 1 x GeekVape P Series - 5 Pack


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