GeekVape B100

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💨 Outfitted with the trailblazing Boost Pro system, this device takes vaping to new heights. Its top airflow, leakproof pod excels in performance, channeling airflow seamlessly through side inlets.

💨 This ingenious setup not only elevates flavor to extraordinary levels but also offers pinpoint control over airflow.


👾 Dimensions: 43.73mm x 31.65mm x 121.21mm 

👾 Output Power: 5W to 100W

👾 Battery Specification: 1 x external 18650 (not included)

👾 Pod Capacity: 4.5mL

👾 Charging Port: Type-C Port

👾 Display Screen: 0.96inch curved screen

👾 Operating Temperature: 0°C-45°C

👾 Storage Temperature: -20°C-60°C

👾 Relative Humidity: 45%RH-75%RH

👾 Cooling Mode: Natural Cooling

👾 Weight: 142.6g

Kit Includes

✅ 1 x B100 Aegis Boost Pro 2 Mod

✅ 1 x B100 Pod Cartridge 4.5mL

✅ 2 x P Series Coils (0.15Ω (70W-85W) (pre-installed) / 0.4Ω (50W-60W))

✅ 1 x Coil Tool

✅ 1 x Spare Parts Pack

✅ 1 x USB-C Cable

✅ 1 x User Manual


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NexusSmoke is proud to showcase the GeekVape B100! Now fortified with the advanced 2nd Generation of Tri-proof Technology. This cutting-edge design embraces a compact form factor while proudly boasting an impressive IP68-rating for water and dust resistance. Additionally, it raises the bar for shock resistance, ensuring unparalleled protection even in the harshest environments.

Equipped with the innovative Boost Pro system, this device revolutionizes your vaping experience. The top airflow leakproof pod delivers an exceptional performance, allowing the airflow to seamlessly enter through side inlets. This intelligent design not only enhances the flavor to unprecedented levels but also provides precise control over the airflow.

Safety takes center stage with the GEEKVAPE B100, thanks to its Accidental Press Protection Lock. This ingenious feature adds an extra layer of security, preventing inadvertent button presses that could potentially overheat your coils or mod. Carry your device with confidence, knowing that it is engineered to prioritize your safety.

Experience the epitome of durability, functionality, and safety with the Geekvape B100. Its unmatched Tri-proof Technology, remarkable Boost Pro system, and smart protective features elevate your vaping journey to new heights, setting new standards in the vaping community.