Esco Bar 6000 - Strawberry Shortcake

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πŸ’¨ Enjoy up to 6000 puffs with the Esco Bars 6000 Disposable Vape, providing an extended vaping experience that ensures longevity and satisfaction for users seeking prolonged use without frequent replacements.

🌈 Experience superior flavor profiles thanks to the incorporation of Advanced Mesh Coils, which not only enhance the taste but also guarantee a consistent and rich flavor delivery, appealing to vape enthusiasts with discerning taste preferences.

πŸ”‹ Delight in an ample E-liquid Capacity of 15mL, providing users with an extended supply of e-juice, minimizing the need for frequent refills, and ensuring uninterrupted vaping enjoyment.

⚑️With a Nicotine Strength of 50mg, the Esco Bars 6000 Disposable Vape offers a satisfying hit, delivering the desired level of nicotine for vapers seeking a stronger experience.


πŸ‘Ύ 15mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid 5% Nicotine Strength

πŸš€ 650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

πŸ’¨ Approximately 6000 Puffs


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  • Esco Bars Pastel Cartel

Dive into the thrilling world of vaping with Pastel Cartel's latest masterpiece – the Esco Bar 6000 Puff Disposable Vapes. These are not just any ordinary vapes; they're an enhanced version of the popular Esco Bars H20 6000 Puff, now infused with the superior Fruitia Edition Liquid made in the USA.

Experience a vaping nirvana with these disposable devices, featuring an adjustable airflow system at the base for a perfectly customized draw every time. The upgraded mesh coils in these vapes bring out more intense, deeper flavors, surpassing the previous 5,000 Puff Esco Rechargeables. With a generous 15ml e-liquid capacity, these vapes promise extended sessions of flavorful enjoyment.

What's more? Recharging these vapes is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly USB Type C port. Combining ease-of-use with exceptional vaping performance, the Esco Bar 6000 Puff Disposable Vapes from Pastel Cartel are designed to elevate your vaping experience to new heights of pleasure and style. Get your hands on one today and embark on an unforgettable vaping journey! πŸŒˆπŸ’¨βœ¨πŸ”‹

Strawberry Shortcake:Β Strawberry Shortcake is a sumptuous vape flavor that beautifully encapsulates the essence of this beloved dessert. Each inhale delivers the sweet, juicy taste of ripe strawberries, bursting with a fresh and fruity zing. This delightful berry flavor is then seamlessly blended with the rich, buttery notes of a golden shortcake, creating a harmonious balance of fruit and pastry. The experience is like indulging in a freshly baked strawberry shortcake, with layers of flavor that are both comforting and decadently sweet. Ideal for vapers who relish dessert-inspired flavors, Strawberry Shortcake offers a delightful vaping journey, combining the classic sweetness of strawberries with the indulgent charm of a timeless dessert.