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πŸ’¨ Enjoy up to 6000 puffs with the Esco Bars 6000 Disposable Vape, providing an extended vaping experience that ensures longevity and satisfaction for users seeking prolonged use without frequent replacements.

🌈 Experience superior flavor profiles thanks to the incorporation of Advanced Mesh Coils, which not only enhance the taste but also guarantee a consistent and rich flavor delivery, appealing to vape enthusiasts with discerning taste preferences.

πŸ”‹ Delight in an ample E-liquid Capacity of 15mL, providing users with an extended supply of e-juice, minimizing the need for frequent refills, and ensuring uninterrupted vaping enjoyment.

⚑️With a Nicotine Strength of 50mg, the Esco Bars 6000 Disposable Vape offers a satisfying hit, delivering the desired level of nicotine for vapers seeking a stronger experience.


πŸ‘Ύ 15mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid 5% Nicotine Strength

πŸš€ 650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

πŸ’¨ Approximately 6000 Puffs


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  • Esco Bars Pastel Cartel

Step into a new era of vaping excitement with Pastel Cartel's sensational addition to their vape collection – the Esco Bar 6000 Puff Disposable Vapes! These gems aren't your average vapes; they're an amped-up version of the fan-favorite Esco Bars H20 6000 Puff, now loaded with the exquisite USA Made Fruitia Edition Liquid.

Welcome to a world where every puff is a dream with these disposable marvels! Tailor your vape experience with the adjustable airflow control at the base – a guarantee for the smoothest, most satisfying inhale every time. Immerse yourself in a richer, more vibrant flavor journey with the advanced mesh coils, a significant upgrade from the 5,000 Puff Esco Rechargeables. Plus, the massive 15ml juice capacity means you can keep on enjoying your vape session for even longer.

And there's even more to love! Recharging is super easy with the convenient USB Type C port. These online vape stunners combine convenience with sheer vaping joy. Pastel Cartel's Esco Bar 6000 Puff Disposable Vapes are all about bringing an extra dash of flair and excitement to your vaping life. Don't miss out – grab one now and start your journey to euphoric vaping! πŸš€πŸŒŸπŸ’«πŸ’¨

Spearmint:Β Spearmint is a crisp and refreshing vape flavor that captures the essence of freshly picked spearmint leaves. As you inhale, you're greeted with a cool, clean burst of spearmint that invigorates your senses, reminiscent of a revitalizing breeze. The flavor is pure and unadulterated, delivering the natural and slightly sweet taste of spearmint with each puff. This vape flavor is like a breath of fresh air, offering a smooth and soothing experience that refreshes your palate and leaves a pleasantly minty aftertaste. Perfect for vapers seeking a simple yet profoundly rejuvenating flavor, Spearmint provides a clean and fresh vaping journey.