Clear 5% Crave BC7000 Disposable Vape 7000 Puff

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Step into the Ultimate Vaping Simplicity with Clear 5% Crave BC7000 Disposable Vape – A High-Strength, Pure Experience!

Flavor: Savor the straightforward essence of Clear 5% flavor, designed for those who desire a no-frills vaping session with a bit more kick. The Crave BC7000 disposable vape introduces this unflavored option, emphasizing the clean vaping experience with a higher 5% nicotine content for those in search of a stronger, yet still smooth, nicotine hit. Perfect for vapers who prioritize a more pronounced effect without the distraction of additional flavors, it offers a straightforward and potent vape every time.

The Crave BC7000 is engineered for enduring satisfaction, featuring a 650mAh battery and a mesh coil that together ensure a consistent and rich vapor output until the last puff. Packed with 15ml of Crave's premium vape juice, this device promises around 7000 puffs, guaranteeing a lasting vaping enjoyment. The convenience of USB-C rechargeability and an LED screen provides immediate feedback on e-liquid levels and battery life, while its compact design and secure grip make it an ideal on-the-go vaping solution.

Praise for the Crave BC7000 Vape Disposable Clear 5% Flavor

Gaining favor quickly among those who prefer their vaping unadorned, the Clear 5% flavor is celebrated for delivering direct nicotine satisfaction in its purest form. It appeals to users looking for an efficient and unambiguous vaping option, highlighting a trend towards straightforward, high-nicotine content vaping choices. The Clear 5% Crave BC7000 stands out as a preferred option for vapers seeking a simple yet powerful vaping journey.