Apple Kiwi Ice Spaceman Prism 20000 Disposable Vape

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Embrace the Freshness of Apple Kiwi Ice with the Spaceman Prism 20K Disposable Vape, The Ultimate Vape for Refreshing Flavors!

Flavor: Taste the exhilarating freshness of Apple Kiwi Ice, a standout flavor in the Spaceman Prism 20000 lineup. This blend marries the crisp taste of green apples with the bright notes of kiwi, all finished with a chilling icy exhale. It's a vape experience that delivers a cool, fruity burst, perfect for those seeking a sweet yet refreshing flavor profile.

The Spaceman Prism 20000 redefines convenience and enjoyment with its superior design and technology. It comes pre-filled with 18mL of e-liquid at a 5% nicotine strength, powered by a 1000mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, and is engineered to deliver approximately 20000 puffs. With three output modes (BOOST for maximum power at 20W, NORM for a balanced 18W, and SOFT for a milder 15W), a 1.77-inch SMART screen featuring various animations, dual light options for customization, a mesh coil for optimal flavor, and adjustable airflow, this device caters to every vaper's preference for a tailored vaping journey.

Apple Kiwi Ice Spaceman Prism 20K Disposable Vape: A Symphony of Cool Fruity Flavors

The Apple Kiwi Ice flavor quickly became a fan favorite, praised for its ability to blend the sweet tang of apples and kiwis with a refreshing icy finish. This unique flavor profile offers a vaping experience that's as invigorating as it is satisfying, appealing to vapers who love their fruit flavors with a cool twist.

Outfitted with a large e-liquid capacity, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and versatile output options, the Spaceman Prism 20000 is at the forefront of vaping innovation. Whether you prefer a long-lasting vape session with fewer clouds or a more intense experience with thicker vapor, this device adapts to your vaping needs. The SMART screen animation, combined with adjustable airflow and lighting options, enhances the overall vaping experience, positioning the Spaceman Prism 20000 as a premium choice for those in search of an advanced, flavorful, and customizable vape. Dive into the cool and crisp world of Apple Kiwi Ice and discover why the Spaceman Prism 20000 is the go-to device for a superior vaping adventure.